Civil Engineering

Feasibility Study – Complete studies and preliminary cost estimates to determine if a project is feasible to develop.

Land Planning – Prepare conceptual site plans for potential development.

Re-Zoning Support – Prepare rezoning site plans and support for rezoning applications.

Design & Permitting – Prepare construction plans for residential and commercial developments and process plans along with permit applications for approval by the appropriate governmental agencies.

Inspections and Certifications – Provide construction inspections and testing observation to insure the project is constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Construction Management – Provide construction management and coordination with owner, contractor, governmental agencies and utility companies.

SWFWMD Inspections – Provide site inspection and certification of stormwater management systems as required by SWFWMD.

Community Development Districts – Provide services for CDD including support for the formation of the District and preliminary budgets and services as the District Engineer.