Expert Witness

With expert witness experience dating to the 1960’s, we have established expert credentials by doing our homework a little better than others, and working harder at preparation.  Past involvement in public speaking affords us the comfort of being at ease for presentations in depositions and trial, both before the judge and in front of a jury.

We have provided litigation support forF.D.O.T., the Hillsborough County School Board and CollierHillsboroughand Pasco Counties and professional services for projects as far away as Dade County to the south and Walton County in the Panhandle.

We have experience with nearly every configuration of boundary dispute as well astidal boundaries, riparian rights and inland water boundaries.

Litigation Support provided for many Title Companies and law firms including: Barnett, Bolt, Kikwood, Long & McBrideBricklemyer, Smolker & BolvesBrigham MooreBroad & CasselCarlton FieldsCohen, Foster & Romine Fowler WhiteDLA Piper;Gaylord MerlinGibbons, Neuman & BelloHill, Ward & HendersonHolland & KnightRuden McCloskyjust to name a few.

Qualified as an expert in the 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 17th and 19th Florida Circuits as well as the Middle District of Florida.

David Hurley’s favorite attorney recommendation was:  “I don’t know if David is a better surveyor than anyone else, but he explains it to me better than anyone else.”  David has taught continuing education classes in Florida and Indiana.

Unsolicited Testimonials

I sincerely appreciate your hard work and thoroughness in this matter.

…our surveyor, David Hurley with Landmark Engineering & Surveying Corporation, has been extremely successful in his efforts to convince the State that the submerged lands are not State owned.

…Thanks for your message. It was a great victory. I was surprised at the numerous specific findings by Judge Simms. Some of them were almost direct quotes from your testimony which tells me that he was listening and that you effectively conveyed your points at trial. Thanks again for your invaluable assistance with this challenging case…