Hillsborough County Flood Insurance Rate Maps

In August 2008, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) adopted new Flood Insurance Rate Maps for all of Hillsborough County.  These actuarial maps assign flood risks to property in Hillsborough County. Several revisions to the maps have been made, but this is the first comprehensive re-mapping of the county since the maps were first issued in June of 1980.

These new maps have caused much consternation and confusion. Landmark Engineering & Surveying Corporation is prepared and equipped to take the guesswork out of how these new maps and the new Zone designations affect homeowners. We have fielded several calls from people who have received letters from their lenders stating they are now “in a flood prone area” and are being compelled to purchase flood insurance. In several of these instances, circumstances exist that could return the property in question to the previous Zone, outside the Special Flood Hazard Area. Typically, this removes the requirement for Flood Insurance. Or equally important, Flood Insurance is available at more preferable rates should the homeowner still desire to purchase it.

We are also available for consultation regarding application to FEMA for a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for those portions of a community that may qualify. Upon receipt of the Letter from FEMA, the requirement for Flood Insurance is typically dropped by most lenders. This letter also allows those interested in purchasing Flood Insurance to get more preferable rates.

Purchasing Flood Insurance is a decision that each individual homeowner must make. Making sure all pertinent information is uncovered for the proper determination of the premiums is important and Landmark is here and ready to help. Navigating through theFEMA process is daunting. Landmark has the experience and expertise to help take the mystery out of all available options.

Call Scott Fowler at 813·621·7841 Extension 24 or email fema@lesc.com to enlist our assistance in FEMA matters.

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